Wednesday, December 06, 2006

with AND for...

Loving the arrangement of Jesus Paid It All on the new Passion CD. Got me thinking about what I believe God thinks about me.

There was a time in my life where I believed God was always with me- I knew he was there no matter what, but I didn't believe that he was for me. That was a lonely time, not because God wasn't for me, but I limited God- I never expected anything from him, and I closed doors in my life that God really wanted to break through for me in.

I come to see more and more all the time that God is totally for me. He's not just there, but in every circumstance and situation, he's contending for me, for the fullness of his purpose and best for my life, and I am growing in my trust in him that whether I feel it or not he's my biggest fan and backer.

He laid it all on the line for me, and he still does that everyday. Life is a lot easier, even when it feels impossible, walking in that knowledge- I can make it and overcome no matter what because he's for me. If you didn't know, he's totally FOR you too. Let that sink in...

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