Monday, July 14, 2014

Warrior no more...

I play hockey, and I coach hockey (hopefully my daughter Lois' novice girls team this fall), and one thing I HATE about the game is the old school "boys will be boys" BS that masquerades as a front for chauvinism, racism and bigotry in general.

Up until today, Warrior gear has been something I have purchased because of its quality, but after reading this, I will be answering this writer's call to de-logo and post photos of all my un-Warrior gear to make sure this company understands that advertising that objectifies and condescends to women and laughs at rape is stupid and unacceptable.

I parent a boy who plays hockey, and two daughters that will grow up playing the game we ALL love, and NO ONE will ever make it seem normal for women to be anything but respected and esteemed on my watch.

Until Warrior changes their approach to advertising, I've purchased my last item from them. The soul of the game, the confidence and opportunity of my girls, and the power of my son to be an ally in gender equality are all worth more than gear that subsidizes idiocy.