Friday, December 01, 2006

Incredible spouse outraged by muffin-snub....

My wife, Lori, asked me to post her comments on my muffin blog that were cut short due to a 300 character limit on comments. Being the dutiful husband, I will oblige. Here they are:
I tried to reply to your blog but was censored to a limit of 300 characters.. and you know I've never spoken using less than 300 characters in my life so I am sending this to you via email so I can be free to express myself!!! You have my permission to post this if you so chose:) Love you lots.

"I feel compelled to point out the egregious error you made whilst listing your top muffins. Whilst the carrot-oatmeal-berry-whole wheat-healthy-applesauce replacement tactics are a big part of our muffin regime, it is with great moral outrage that I say “WHAT ABOUT BANANA CHOCOLATE CHIP!!!!!?”. I realize sweetheart that I tend to take more than my fair share so you don't get to enjoy them as much… but come on now… you know you love them! I feel you are perhaps ashamed of your white flour-chocolate-infused tasty treat and thus neglected to mention it…so I will air our dirty laundry in honor of the great banana chocolate chip muffin. We eat them... and we love them."
Moral outrage duly noted. I wish only to add this in response to these passionate thoughts:
1. There is no partiality in my list due to hidden shame about liking banana chocolate chip (although I suppose my recipe adaptions do smack a little nutritionally-elite). I actually PREFER the recipes I listed ahead of banana chocolate chip, mainly because I find them a little cakey (especially the recipe we use which uses a lot of butter). BUT, you are right that I do like them- just not quite enough to make my top 5.
2. When I bake the banana chocolate chip muffin, it is with 50% whole wheat flour. I can't replace the butter, because I find banana muffins burn easily without enough oil/fat in the mixture. So they are buttery, to be sure, but they ARE 50% whole wheat, in keeping with my equal opportunity approach to flour mixing.
3. My only beef over the disproportionate number of banana chocolate chip muffins consumed by you has to do with there sometimes being none left to defrost in the morning to eat on the way to work. Other than that, I have no problems with the general enjoyment of muffins, banana chocolate chip or otherwise.
4. If the top 5 muffin list were composed using a democratic process where all family members' votes were weighted equally, I agree that
the banana chocolate chip would trump some of my faves.

Whew. Muffins debated, democracy and free speech defended and my wife listened to and affirmed. :) A blog to be proud of! lol

That said, I guess I should pencil in a banana chocolate chip muffin baking session sometime soon.... :) I love you too Lori- you're the best. I'd share my muffins with you anyday....

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  1. You really are serious about muffins aren't you? Never heard so much talk over muffins. It arouses curiosity, awe but most of all an urge to make some of those delicious muffins myself (although not quite as good due to me being a noobie at muffinin'). Enjoying the randomness, keep it up...