Thursday, December 14, 2006

Home rev.2.01

Yep. We're homeowners! Lori and I closed our first home on December 11, 2006. My blog neglect can be traced directly to heading to our new place right after school daily to work on renovating the place.

This is the culmination of 5 long years in Halifax waiting and persisting. It's a dream come true, and getting the house is a reminder that we need to be careful not to put our dreams on such high pedestals, as in "when I get my first home, I'll be ecstatic. I can die happy." Not that I've ever said or thought that, but the reality of my dream of having a place for Lori, Jonah and Wozney #4 (due in 4 weeks or less) isn't all roses and giggles.

There's gobs of old wallpaper to scrape and steam off, loads of painting to do and two days worth of flooring to lay.

I'm really thankful that God has helped me to treat events as milestones on a journey instead of destinations. I love our new place, and it's going to look awesome when we're done all the stuff we want to do, but at the same time it's just a house. It can burn down or blow up or blow over or ANYTHING that can happen to a building.

The really important part about it is the home we build inside it and the light we let shine through it so that people see and feel Jesus when they visit.

Hope you can stop by sometime and enjoy God's faithfulness to us. (well, maybe AFTER we're done renovating...and having the baby...).


  1. Congrats on the New Home!

    When do we get to see pictures?

  2. Congratulations Paul and Lori, that is very exciting indeed.

    Blessings for your new home and the life you will make in it!