Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Backyard ice rink, 2012-2013 season

So my Dad came over yesterday to help me put up the frame for our backyard rink, and to install the new rink liner I purchased from rinkmaster.com. It was the quickest install of the past three attempts, and I was filling the rink with the garden hose via the basement laundry sink by 4:45 pm.

Still remaining on the to do list are to put up the netting my father in law gave me at both ends of the rink to prevent pucks from ending up in the woods or our neigbour's back yard, and to get some 1 x 3 strapping to install around the lip of the ice surface to protect the rink liner from skate/puck damage.

Really pleased with the liner- I was able to fill the rink to full by about 10:15 pm. So the pricier liner @ $99 (last year's tarp was about $45 dollars at Princess Auto) saved me a ton on water- running it out of our own tap saved probably at least $160 on a load of water (last year it was $215 for the water truck).

The lights are still up from last season and working. The weather is supposed to be very cold (below -10 C throughout the day tomorrow) for the next three or four days, so here's hoping we have a solid rink to skate on by the weekend!