Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm filthy rich....

Not that I don't daily take time to return thanks to God for my incredibly full life- you know, the one where I enjoy amazing health, am surrounded by incredible people who love me and believe in me, live in an unbelievable home, eat and drink as much nutritious and delicious food and safe, clean water as I can handle, dress in seasonally appropriate clothing that is clean and fashionable, and enjoy the freedom to worship, participate in democracy and express my opinion and write freely- but sometimes you just GOTTA take a moment to savour the riches God pours into you unceasingly. (Props to J-Boucher for sharing this)

After a full day at school, I had an evening professional development session to attend until 6pm and then a curriculum night back at school from 6:30-7:30pm. It was a long day, and I was glad to get home at about 8:10 pm.

I opened the door and got tackled (almost jacked up) by my son, who just about blew out his vocal chords screaming "DADDY! YOU'RE HOME!". He nearly hugged my left knee into a condition requiring surgery, and then I got to hug and kiss my otherworldly wife and savour the aroma of her hair and skin while she told me I was missed and loved.

I don't want for a thing Lord. You're good to me beyond any measure of reason, and all I can do is say how grateful I am and celebrate your kindness, generosity and faithfulness to me. My life is the jackpot, and I know all of it comes straight from your heart to me.

(***Longlasting dumbfounding inner silence and an overwhelming realization of how amazing God has commenced. Stand by.)

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