Sunday, November 19, 2006

Do you know...

Whether your first name is becoming more or less popular?

What with baby#2 on the way in January, Lori and I are heavy into figuring out names.

We like names that aren't totally commonplace, but finding information about what's very trendy and what has staying power has been tough to come by (other than the plethora of top 10 most popular baby names by year lists that are on the web in droves).

That is, until we found this.

Gotta love people creating wacky stuff in Java script. Check out your own name and see how it stacks up in current trends and take a look at how prevalent it has been over the last 100 years or so.


  1. That is such a cool tool! I wish we would have had that while we were thinking of names for our four boys--which meant eight names including first and middles.

    I am one unpopular name, though I was interested to see that our first son's name--Asher--is on the move to popularity, and was also interested to see that our youngest--Levi--used to be real popular, then not at all, and now is back on the move.

  2. John,
    Thanks for the comment. That's what I loved about it too- you could get a picture of where a name was headed popularity wise. We're pretty particular about avoiding names gobs of people are using, so it helped a lot.

    Love the names you shared- we've kicked the idea of Levi around, though I am sworn to secrecy about our top 2 or 3 names. Thanks again- nice to have visitors!