Friday, January 21, 2011

Super Sunday Research...

So, Super Bowl 45 is around the corner, a little more than two weeks away. We normally host a party for the big game, and our tradition is to put on a spread that features food indigenous to the cities represented by the teams playing in the big game.

This is no joke. There is some SERIOUS research that goes into this, which often involves a week or so of active dialogue on message boards for the teams (no easy thing- posting as a non-fan and asking kindly for help to put on a great party) to discover authentic dishes, and then locating recipes to make them.

We usually start conducting preliminary research once the final four are determined after the conference semi-finals.

We are WICKED thrilled that our team, the Green Bay Packers, remain in the hunt for the title, not only because they're our team, but also because the food for the Packers kicks ass. Beer Broiled Brats on a bun with mustard and brine kraut, chicken booyah and some type of super rich bread pudding with rum sauce. That's a far better alternative to the Chicago slate from the NFC, although we will make it work if we have to.

So this is me, reaching out to the internet, asking for denizens of New York City, Pittsburgh, Green Bay and Chicago to post ideas for food that one would find at legit tailgating spots at home games as comments.

Thanks all- looking forward to your ideas!

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